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Salim Kiwan, another 70-year-old farmer, told Xinhua that the making of grape molasses has been inherited from their ancestors, adding that the farmers keep this tradition alive despite the more than seven-year-old war in Syria, during which the sales of the food were largely affected.According to Christa Leste-Lasserre, an equine science specialist based in France, there should be a consensus that would satisfy both sides of the debate, provided scientific principles are used to guarantee the horses' welfare."The new government should focus on the security situation and make it as a top priority. Then they should start reforming and rebuilding the country," he said while sipping his tea in Hadi's coffee shop.

She further explained that China's food diversity and evolution over the years has made a profound impact on Nepali people's perception of food and daily eating habits.Saadi's house was destroyed in 2017 during a rocket barrage on the neighborhood. His family survived the bombing, but during their escape, his 16-year-old daughter was hit by a bullet from a fierce fire exchange between the government security forces and the extremist militants.Muguru has perfected his craft thanks to the mentorship he received from Dai Weigang, the Chinese station master."I want to put all the wonderful culture and great views from the mainland into my works," he said.


The event is the first of its kind that combines Chinese poems reciting, traditional Chinese music playing and photos exhibition from China to give New Yorkers a particular opportunity to understand the Chinese culture and China."This is what I will do, either you modernize next year, sell your jeeps to the junkyards. Next year, I don't want to see any single PUJ (on the streets) because if I see one, you will be arrested. Do not resist anymore because I am telling the truth, this is the law," Duterte said, adding that no one will be spared or "get away."Besas recalls the first time their team patrolled the municipality. The locals were surprised at first but were amazed at the high number of arrests they made and warrants they served in just over a week since they first launched.Careem, Saudi's biggest online car-booking service, also announced to recruit 100,000 women drivers.BANGKOK, March 22 (Xinhua) -- The Thai government has reiterated its determination to register and legalize all of some 3.8 million migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos by the end of March.

Tobelrusse started the art project nearly four years ago. "It started off with (painting) one shoe," he said. "I had always been into abstract. I wasn't into trying to do realism and people and portraitures, but it grew and grew and grew.""There has been more and more younger people who are practising Tai Chi, and we have a youth group for contestants under 18th in our Tai Chi competition in New York," Chen said.

The minister said the current rise in water levels for Lake Victoria has also attracted regional and international attention, since the water flows through South Sudan, Sudan and eventually into the Mediterranean Sea through Egypt."I used plastic bags throughout the year to carry my books and other items, which is hard. The plastic bag may not be solid and tears often, so the books can fall out and be damaged," Selma said.

He then started working with his master U Ohn Maung, head of the dance troupe, by helping his master in repairing masks used by the dance troupes.Good-looking and energetic, the four children divided into two pairs were Magdalena Abboud, 12, and her three younger siblings, triplets, Anastasie, Luca and Avalene, all 11.


"It was in February when we noticed that the water level of the lake had started rising. Of course we hoped it would not continue to rise," Bagala told Xinhua."Pro-active framework involving establishment of water infrastructure and climate resilient systems must be put in place to stabilize farmers' productivity throughout the year," he added.Since last month, the photographer has been a busy man, covering at least two weddings every weekend, and as December approaches, the number may hit three.

According to the Thai government, some 537,494 migrant workers had passed through the registration process in these centers up to March 15.Bo Ou, 58-year-old chief of Thong Kham village where a Nam Ou cascade hydropower station is located, has witnessed the huge changes of his village.Beijing is May's second stop in China. She toured the Chinese city of Wuhan earlier Wednesday, and announced details of a new approach covering pre-school through to postgraduate education.

"I will be spending Chinese New Year on the train with my colleagues. It makes me happy to see others excited to go home. Our responsibility is to guarantee the safety of every passenger," Wang said. His Chinese New Year's wish is that "all of our passengers will listen to our safety directions and arrive home in one piece and on time."With a perpetual crave for the taste of home, Zhao and six of his college mates from China saw a big opportunity through this looming crisis, which was to establish a fast-casual chain that could represent the new generation of Chinese restaurants and redefine Chinese food in the United States.


Sevilla said adopting dogs and cats is becoming popular in the Philippines. In fact, she said there are now different rescue groups in the country."It's amazing. It's like, 'Germany!'" Kostorz said of hearing the cowbells in the stands. "It's a bit of Germany. You hear that and it's something other than the cheering. You know that you have someone else backing you up and cheering for you."

Qatayef is made of a mixture of flour, water, powdered milk and other materials. They are baked by being poured on the drum-like surface of traditional round ovens before being sold to be cooked at home and soaked in sugary syrup.The plot and building have been bought by an investor from the Netherlands, who believed that more Chinese companies will come here after the complex is converted to office facilities. Although the renovation has not yet finished, over 10 Chinese companies have already registered here.After two weeks of complete lockdown, local government on Monday evening announced the reopening of primary-level schools in Srinagar.

Paper votive items produced in Song Ho commune are sold to many Vietnamese cities and provinces, and are even exported to China's Hong Kong, China's Taiwan and South Korea, Nguyen Xuan Dinh, chairman of the communal People's Committee, told Xinhua on Tuesday.Jin Yong is the pen name of Louis Cha, 93, who now lives in Hong Kong. He is one of the best-selling Chinese authors alive with over 300 million copies of his works sold in the Chinese-speaking world.

Though Jordan hasn't played a National Basketball Association game since 2003, his Air Jordan shoe line continues to be a hot commodity. Since the Air Jordan 1 debuted in 1984, Nike has released 32 standard-issue models of the iconic high-tops. There have been countless variations.A career in space exploration also changed the lives of Zhang's family. On vacation, Zhang asks her husband to make a very detailed plan to consider all possible scenarios. This makes the journey more relaxed.

Already, Chua has earned a name for himself with his unique branding and quirky antics. His social media is filled with videos of silly pranks, and beside the stall, there is a fake movie poster of Chua and his staff pictured in the 90's Hong Kong crime film Young and Dangerous. Chua jokes that he is so used to being called the "ah beng" that he often forgets his real name.PERFECT WAY TO SLOW DOWNBei Bei's mother Mei Xiang and father Tian Tian, who arrived at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in late 2000, still live there. Bei Bei's brother Tai Shan and his sister Bao Bao, also born at the zoo, were transported to China in 2010 and 2017, respectively.

Xi Jinping praises a photo for the beautiful scenery of Huamao Village in Guizhou Province when receiving it from Pan Kegang, Party secretary of the village, during a panel discussion with delegates from Guizhou at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, Oct. 19, 2017. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang)Castillo tells Xinhua with nervousness that he was walking along a secondary road of the La Catuca settlement, near the airport, when he saw the aircraft coming down."I don't have much time with him each day, but we are very close. My son can see my endeavors to chase my dream and is influenced by me," Zhang said.After the music play, the Royal Moroccan Martial Arts Association and a lion dance group from China's Shenzhen city presented the audience with dragon and lion Mohamed al-Azaki

Despite his advancing age, the medical doctor's passion to help people has been his motivating factor.Visitors also sat down to dip brush in ink to try ancient-style Chinese calligraphy which has a history of thousands of years.MONTEVIDEO, May 10 (Xinhua) -- A Confucius Institute recently opened in Uruguay's capital Montevideo, fulfilling a dream for promoters of Chinese culture and locals keen to learn more about China.

It could be the only chance for the separated families to meet face-to-face. The eldest South Korean participant for the first session of reunions is a 101-year-old Baek Sung-gyu who will meet his daughter-in-law and granddaughter from the DPRK.Angela Abu-Asba, chairwoman of a local charity, said her charity distributed 60 school bags in this school, and 100 bags to schoolgirls in nearby Balqis School.(Xinhua reporters Li Feihu, Wang Ying and Miao Zhuang also contributed to the story)

The excavation started on Monday after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the regency of North Lombok on Sunday night."I can feel the understanding and support of my family in my work," said Zhang.

"That's true," Trump agreed, shaking Kim's hand again and giving him a thumbs-up. Then the reporters were cleared out the room.Small as the village is, with a population of just 700, Khesum was the starting point of sweeping democratic reform in 1959, which ended feudal serfdom under theocracy and began a new chapter for the plateau region in southwest Xinhua writers Yu Fei, Qu Ting

Statistics of Illinois Soybean Association show that Illinois farmers produced a total of 611.9 million bushels of soybeans in 2017, and China, a top location of Illinois soybean exports, received about 1.1 billion bushels, over 63 percent of all Illinois soybean exports."We are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes," a young speaker told the crowd.

Earlier on Thursday, the South Coast Plaza in Southern California hosted its celebrations for the third year and charmed visitors with colorful lanterns, clay sculptures and dough figurines. The event organizers said that apart from showcasing traditional Chinese culture to Americans, it also served as a platform for exchanges among different cultures.When he grew up, the hardships of the trade and his parents' disapproval did not stop Chua from pursuing his passion for cooking. He went on to a culinary school and eventually set up his own hawker stall Beng Who Cooks in March 2018.

(Xinhua reporters Li Feihu, Wang Ying and Miao Zhuang also contributed to the story)A multi-beam receiver has been installed on the telescope to improve its observation ability by more than 50 times, Xu says."I will be spending Chinese New Year on the train with my colleagues. It makes me happy to see others excited to go home. Our responsibility is to guarantee the safety of every passenger," Wang said. His Chinese New Year's wish is that "all of our passengers will listen to our safety directions and arrive home in one piece and on time.""The exhibition is beautiful, it shows Alicia's career and life and that is very important for the Cuban nation. She means a lot to everyone, especially to the new generations of dancers who get excited every time they see her because they are aware of her greatness," she said.


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